Thursday, March 31, 2011

Always Playing Catch-up

Obviously, I've been a little out of touch lately, so for those of you not on Facebook, here's a quick recap:
I was admitted to the hospital four weeks ago in pre-term labor and have been on bed rest since.  Brian has stepped up to the role of Mr. Mom (his ego may never recover) and Joseph has been so sweet and understanding.  I have spent many nights crying over all the things I can't do-- take him to school, play soccer, go to the park, even sit on the floor and play cars-- but he handles these limitations with such maturity and grace.  We are so grateful for our friends and family who bring us meals, come over and play, and even take Joseph for the day or weekend.  When we're home together, Joseph has begun putting on short shows for me and I've had my trusty iPhone handy to capture most of them.  New videos will be posted soon!