Friday, December 30, 2011

'Tis the Season

I've done a lot of thinking about resolutions lately.  I'm sure almost everyone I know (including myself) is resolving to lose 10 pounds.  Some of us will join a gym; some of us will lace up our running shoes for the first time in a LONG time.  Others will go on drastic diets that eliminate entire food groups or only allow you to eat three pieces of lettuce per meal.  Or worse yet -- some friends will go on a diet that only consists of a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch and a "sensible" dinner.  I don't know about you, but if I DRINK my first two meals, I'm going to PIG OUT at dinner.  Now some of my loyal Facebook followers might be saying, "Wait a minute... Doesn't she sell Arbonne?  Hasn't she talked about Arbonne's shakes and nutrition products?"  The answer is YES and YES!  I do sell Arbonne and I, along with Dr. Oz (I'm in good company) promote the use of protein shakes as a way to ASSIST with weight loss, but that's it.  To become truly healthy and maintain that health, you can't drink all of your meals.  You must change your entire lifestyle.  Many people will resolve to be healthier in the new year, but few of us will DEFINE what "healthy" means for us.

Here are some questions to get you going:
Does healthy mean losing ___ pounds?  By what means will you lose this weight?  Diet?  Exercise?  Both?

Only eating organic food?

Joining a gym and/or committing to exercise ___ times per week?

What about mental, financial, spiritual, or environmental health?  Where do these things factor in to your overall health goals?

How do your relationships with spouse/friends/God impact your health now and in the future?

Here are my resolutions.  I'm putting them out there for all to see.  I hope anyone who reads this will take the time to not only make some resolutions for yourself, but also define what they mean to you and set realistic goals of how to achieve each one.  Make your list and post it on your mirror so you can be reminded everyday.

My resolution this year is to help my family, myself, and others be healthier.  This means:

Physical Health
1. Join a gym and attend a class at least 3 times per week. This means that I will spend 3 out of 168 hours per week exercising.  When you put it that way, it sounds totally do-able, right?
2. Eat out less.
3. Cook and purchase more healthy foods.  This means less processed and artificial foods and fewer artificial sweeteners, such as Splenda/sucralose,
4. Possibly partake in a detox diet.  This sounds scary, but it's really not.  This simply  means eliminating processed and artificial foods from your diet and feeding your body what it actually NEEDS in order for it to return to its natural pH levels.  I will definitely need a buddy for this one!  Let me know if you want to take the plunge with me!

Mental Health
1. DE-CLUTTER!!!  Ensure that EVERYTHING (not just kids stuff, but mail, paperwork, etc.) has a place and that everyone knows where things belong!
*I realize this may not fall under the heading of "mental health" for some, but cluttter and stacks of mail and paperwork DEFINITELY affect my mental health!

1. Recycle more
2. Use less chemicals -- make my own cleaning supplies and use home remedies wherever possible

1. Contribute more to our household income and savings by...
2. ... growing my business.  I am making it my goal to share Arbonne, its products, and its amazing opportunities with even more people.  If you haven't heard me talk about the benefits of Arbonne yet, get ready!  I am always looking for business partners and team members.  I will not be shy anymore.  I will speak up!  I will be persistent.  I will not give up.

1. I will increase my patience with my children and others.
2. I will finish what I start.  This includes but is not limited to craft projects, household projects, and outdoor projects.
3. Sew.  But first I must learn how to work this darn serger!
4. Plant an herb garden.